Howto No.1 Modify character in-world| Print |
Picture for trick 1

How to modify a character while it is in the world

Using the mouse click on the object and choose the pencil that appears when the object is selected. This opens the painting window where you can modify the character. When you are done click on the pump to plopp up your character again.

Howto No.2 Modify a character not in-world| Print |
Picture Howto 2

How to modify a character when it is not in the world

First open the character paint drawer. Then, while the painter is still open, open the character drawer. Pull the character you would like to modfiy into the painter window. Now you can modify your character. When you are done click on the pump to plopp up your character again.

Howto No.3 Plopp digitized paintings| Print |

The following howto is based on an interesting technique of mixing drawing and painting on paper with Plopp's unique capabilities to build 3D worlds.

You will need:
-paper (yes, a real sheet of paper)
-pencil, crayons, or other drawing or painting tools
-a scanner or digital camera
-an image editing tool

1. Paint Take a sheet of paper and your favourite crayons and paint some nice and colorful figures.

2. Digitize Scan your paintings or take a picture with a digital camera and then import the images into your computer.

3. Finish the picture (optional) Open your picture in your favorite image editing tool and edit it. You can increase the saturation or invert or adjust the colors to achieve impressive effects. Adjust the size of your picture so the figure is not bigger than 500 x 370 pixels (width x height). Erase all pixels outside your figure and save the picture in a format that supports transparencies (png, gif). You can also perform this step in Plopp later.

4. Import the figure into Plopp Open Plopp and drag the saved picture file into it. Plopp will transform it into a 3D object. You can edit this object by clicking on the edit tool (pen above the 3D figure that appears when clicking on the figure) or you can open the painting tool in Plopp first and then drag the picture file directly into the painting tool.

5. Adjust the painting in Plopp If you haven't already, erase all colors around your figure using the eraser tool. You can see it better if you make the background of the scene behind the painting tool completely black. If the contour of your figure doesn't have any gaps and the area outside your figure is really uniform you can use the magic transparent color: Choose the pipette tool, click inside the canvas and drag the cursor with pressed button outside the Plopp window until your tools show the magic transparent color. Then use the fill bucket tool to fill the area around your figure with transparency.

6. Plopp it Click on the pump to see your painted figure in 3D.

How to import backgrounds You can also use your own scanned paintings or digital photos as backgrounds in Plopp. Just open the wallpaper or floor painting tool in Plopp and drop your picture file there. Click the check mark and enjoy your own backgrounds in the Plopp scene.