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PLOPP is a creative painting tool for cartoon-like 3D scenes without the effort that comes with professional 3D modelling programs. You can build 3D objects very easily! Just paint them in a 2D environment and PLOPP will transform them into 3D! The 3D objects can then be moved or rotated in order to arrange them in a true 3D scene. You can paint different backgrounds and adjust the lighting in the scene. The scenes can be printed, set as the desktop wallpaper, or sent as an ecard.

In the Online Gallery you find many great pictures that have been painted with PLOPP. Are there pictures from you or your chidren already? Have a look what you can do in PLOPP and get new ideas and inspiration for your own projects. Please send your favorite pictures to the gallery!

Check out Fun Stuff where some cool stuff like wallpapers and screen savers are waiting for you.

In Tips you can find step-by-step-tutorials, support information and tips and tricks for using PLOPP. Please check-in every now and then to see what's new.

Ready for a new look? Try one of the other themes which also come with even more templates and artwork. Just have a look at the Download Page.